After spending a couple of years teaching art in public schools, I spent the next twenty years in advertising and promotion, eventually owning an ad agency specializing in motion picture advertising. 
After "retiring" to Florida at about age fifty, circumstances beyond my control led me to become and independent rep selling my own art, limited edition prints and posters for major fine art print publishers and individual artists. This calling provided a comfortable home and living for the next twenty plus years selling art mainly to Interior Designers, Architects and galleries throughout Florida.

I knew almost nothing about the business of selling art when I started and learned most of what I needed to know from the art professionals I called upon. Their needs shaped my business. When I found a need, I tried to find a way – and the proper art – to fill it.

Along the way, I met some of the finest and most creative people one could ever hope to know or deal with in a business situation. 


My stock in trade was "decorative art" - pictures people loved enough to hang on the walls of their homes and offices and look at every day – art that made them feel happy, evoked a memory of times, places or people they enjoyed or a special interest that gave them satisfaction. The term "decorative" has nothing to do with the talent or technical expertise of the artists who did the work, as some "nose-in-the air experts" would have the public believe. I was happy to compare what I sold at reasonable prices to reasonable people to the work displayed as "exceptional" at exorbitant prices.


For the most part, unless your name is already on every art lover, collector or investor's tongue and you can't keep up with the demand for your work, I sold art by imaginative, hard-working, creative people just like you – the vast majority of artists blessed with artistic talent by our Creator, the most gifted "artist" of all. You and I are His much loved creations - "pearls of great price" - is how Scripture describes us, along with a universe of unfathomable scope and beauty. Some of the artists I represented were talented "amateurs" who painted for pleasure and never needed to make a buck from what they created. For them, a sale meant "fun" money. Some, like me, needed to turn time and talent into dollars to support themselves and their families.

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  1. Hi, Dick. I'm reading your and Barney Davey's book on how to sell to Designers. I take it you're not representing any more artists in Florida? I'm looking to expand my client base and even though I've sold hundreds of thousands of my own work by hustling at art festivals and traveling a ton, I'm back to square one, swimming in inventory and tired.