Tuesday, April 1, 2014


For more than twenty years as an art rep  I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art, including my own, to some of the the finest people and for some of the finest artists anyone could know.

Listen to this INTRODUCTION to Sales Tips for artists.

NOW IT'S MY TIME TO "GIVE BACK" WHAT I LEARNED to any artists, who need help selling what they create

Artists from more than 60 countries have seen my blogs and podcasts. I've been urged repeatedly to put the lessons I learned about selling art, traveling thousands of miles and selling everything from originals, giclees, prints and posters to hundreds and hundreds of buyers. That book is now on CD, and should soon be available as a digital download for E-books such as Kindle, Nook, etc. with greatly expanded text from articles, podcasts and blogs - "How to" secrets for selling art - what to say - how to say it - how to set appointments and walk away with a check in hand, plus photos of what sells, cartoons and even study guides for individuals, small groups, art schools, art associations.

(Watch for the book for.Kindle purchase on Amazon)

The minimum suggested donation is $4.95 that will just cover my costs for the CD, labels, envelope, shipping and postage in USA. Use the PayPal link and donate whatever you think it's worth.


 I hope you are a regular subscriber to Barney Davey's blog www.artprintissues.com.  Wonderful information.  Barney and I are co-authoring a new book soon to be finished, HOW TO SELL ART TO INTERIOR DESIGNERS. Please watch for it and another completely different kind of book I have done which will very soon be available on Kindle and other eBooks. It is a fun, scrambled limerick, word-puzzle book filled with delightful limericks, puns and humorous art.  It is called LIM-R-IDDLES REVISITED.  If you like to solve word puzzles, enjoy limericks and word games I'm sure you will enjoy it.  I hope you will watch for it - a real bargain on Kindle for $1.99.

To see more of what I've written please CLICK HERE.

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    Good post Dick. It's so true, the more you have to do, the more organised you need to be. Got my To-do list on screen now with tick boxes to mark when completed. Breaking everything down to this list helps so much as you can visually see progress. Also you don't have to carry it about in your head.Best wishes, Emma on TOO MUCH TO DO - TO LITTLE TIME = DO NOTHING!
    Artdomain Art & Marketing Blog
    on 9/24/08

    More artists should be aware of this. Particularly artists who are fortunate enough to be represented by friends. on TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR SELLING WHAT YOU CREATE
    on 4/28/08

    Excellent post - thanks for the great reminders for all of us emerging artists.

    Dear Dick,You have the courage to tell it like it is. Perhaps it is easier to criticize those who are successful when one's succcess selling their own art and meeting their ambitions leaves much to be desired. It's true. It is a cold world and facing the facts that making art is a business and not just a self-indulgent pursuit of creativity is difficult, if not impossiblbe for some to comprehend. The sooner one gets to the point they realize where the preponderance of money is made for most artists, the sooner they can begin to enjoy the fruits of their labor. After all, only one person was chosen to paint the Sistine Chapel. The rest had to find a way to make their art pay in more mundane ways. But that is life. We trade work for money and most work is mundane. Ask any actor getting up at 4 am and staying up late studying lines or working 8 shows a week on the stage and the honest ones will tell you beyond the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint, it is a craft applied on WHAT TO PAINT
    Barney Davey
    on 4/2/08